Secure Computing

AARSC conducts researches on communications and computing security technologies.

Secure Computing

Understand how to be free from Code and Malware injections. AARSC LTD provides the best knowledge base for that.

Technology Trends

AARSC conducts researches on security computing technologies.

Industry Experts

Making use of a team of qualified and experienced Tanzanians,

We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help them succeed in constantly changing and challenging business world.

Penestration Testing GSM Networks

AARSC LTD invites interested candidates to enroll into GSM01 which is essentially an intensive course on GSM hacking. The course analyzes the GSM security architecture and test weaknesses in all major components of GSM network. You need not to be a GSM network guru to understand this course, teachings have been simplified but give exciting results. Sample GSM networks will be created and tested for hacking.

The most interesting part of this course is its Project Work – Students will be asked to test security of real GSM networks. The test will be done against devices owned by the students and not otherwise

Are GSM SMSes Secure Enough? Think Twice

Use Authenticator Apps To Protect Authentication Codes

By Geoff

On 28th August 2018, Instagram announced the addition of Three New Security tools to make its platform more secure. According to the information found on Instagram’s official blog post, titled “New Tools to Keep Instagram Safe,” published by Instagram Co-Founder & CTO Mike Krieger, the three features are:

  • Support for Third-Party Two Factor Authenticator (2FA) Apps,
  • About This Account, and
  • Request Verification.

Case Studies

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Course Code : GSM 01

GSM network security Auditing

The course will analyze the GSM security architecture and test...

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Main Objective & Specific Objectives

The main objective of this research is to propose a...

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Course Code : HackOS 01

Analysis of Ethical Hacking Tools and Platforms

We train and analyze the performance of various Penetration Testing...

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