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AARSC conducts researches on communications and computing security technologies; research findings are shared to the public in form of training, consultancy, publications on journals and magazines.

GSM Network Security Auditing

21 Days

Course on GSM Hacking

This is essentially a course on GSM hacking. The course will analyse the GSM security architecture and test weaknesses in all major components of GSM network

Analysis of Ethical Hacking Tools and Platforms

21 Days

This course is aimed at training individuals to know how to use selected hacking operating systems and tools in security auditing. At the end of the course, students will be able to assess strengths and weaknesses of various hacking tools and be able to decide which tool to use in what situations.

Certified Ethical Hacking Banking Edition

10 Days

Online financial systems are usually on Code and Malware injection attacks. ICT experts should get a good knowledge on techniques used by hackers to intrude banking infrastructure. Knowing your enemy is key to winning any battle – be it physical or cyber.